Urmila Iti CollegeAffiliated to NCVT Govt.of India.

Urmila ITI has best ITI College in Hajipur well established training Institute equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like Projectors, IRDA, SMD machine, LCR meter, Oscilloscope.We also provide fast track courses and Special classes for working people which allows no interference in their work schedule.

The aim of the I.T.I is to create a learning environment for the trainees and provide opportunities for them to realize their complete potential. Emphasis is laid on character building and development of individual aptitudes for learning and ability to adapt to the society. Our main objectives are (i) To provide a curriculum designed to develop a trainee physically, intellectually and emotionally so that he/she emerges as a responsible and well balanced fully technically skilled citizen who can adjust him/her self in the modern industry as well as be a future entrepreneur. (ii) To reduce unemployment among the educated youth by equipping them for suitable industrial employment.

Our Course


As the name suggests, ITI Electrician trade focuses on various aspects of electricity such as – wiring (residential, commercial and industrial), home appliances, electrical machines, lighting, electrical installations etc.The main aim of this trade is to provide vocational training to candidates and turn them into qualified electricians! The course thus aims at developing a skilled work-force of qualified electricians in India. Mainly, their work is in existing or new residential, commercial and industrial buildings and includes street and highway lighting, traffic signal and other outdoor above and below grade installations. Trade is good and important from job point of view as after passing the course they have employment at many places.


FITTER is one of the best best trade of iti in terms of job and work. In this trade, you have to work on iron metal with different types of files and also they provide you knowledge about drilling, grinding and lathe machine. The future job prospects is great in this trade but you have to put so much hardwork in terms of physical labour because most of the things you have to do with your hands and it is going to be tough job and if u just want an easy going computer trade where you dnt need to work with so much heat and only a air-conditioning rooms.